Coming off a successful launch from the groundbreaking M2 master reference monitor, the JBL Professional 3 series was influenced by the same philosophy and technological breakthroughs.  Using the same but smaller image control waveguide and signature JBL drivers, the 3 series speakers were set to make an impact in the marketplace. Outperforming its similarly priced competitors, JBL was looking for an eye catching branding to fit it’s dominate performance. A signature element was needed to stand out from the pack.  A prominent 3 in a JBL Pantone orange triangle on one of the packaging comps made it through approval and so forth became the emblem of the series. Marketing pieces consisted of various collateral, packaging, signage, website, PowerPoint presentations and animated trade show loops were all created simultaneously in a short amount of time to be set for launch at the 2013 NAMM show in Anaheim.

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