Now geared with a fully responsive website JBL Professional was able to revamp its online presence and present its product base in a cleaner more easy to use website.
Going on 8 years since its last major website update JBL Professional was struggling to keep up with its core user's expectations, Google's SEO algorithm and the pitfalls of only coders being able to update the site simple content updates. JBL Professional leadership team turned back to Mbox design again to look at the current landscape, technologies and expectations both from a UI and UX perspective.
Leading the redesign efforts we set out to study the competitive landscape as well as outside of the industry. A thorough study was performed to pick out the winning formula which combined easy to use, represented the brand well and took advantages of new technologies while ditching old ones that were not compatible with current day devices. When we had elements that worked well we started compiling those elements and starting the design process how to leverage those elements into what we were set out to accomplish. A thorough design process was executed going through several iterations via user testing. Once we had formulated a new design through the input of JBL Professional's leadership team the site was developed using Sitefinity a CMS platform to minimize development time and garner more power to JBL's internal team.
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